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The Living Planet

The Living Planet is an online programme that explores our relationship with the natural world. Available for free, for everyone, 24/7.

From April 2020 we will be sharing podcasts, live streams, videos, challenges and activities for you and your loved ones to get involved, enjoy and learn remotely. Join our online community by following us on social media and subscribing to our newsletter!

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Whilst we all must stay home and stay safe, The Living Planet looks at how we can build a more sustainable, responsible global community. In the midst of a global pandemic, we are all trying to find ways to connect with each other and the world around us and although our building may be closed, we are still open, creating moments where people, art and technology meet and merge.

This programme now feels more real than ever before. Over the coming months, we will be trying to think beyond the human, looking at ways in which wildlife, plantlife and other ecological systems have responded to the impacts of our actions. We are collaborating with local and international artists, filmmakers, educators and experts to commission and create artistic content that will be shared through our social media, website and weekly newsletters.

We wish all of you well in this period of uncertainty and hope you will join us in an exploration of what it means to exist digitally in our new shared reality.


Events from this season

Kuai Shen Ohm1gas 2012 Image by Rob Battersby Installation view at FACT 6

Exhibition: And Say the Animal Responded?


If we listened to animals, what would we hear? Don't miss our new exhibition which explores the relationship between human and animal. Free entry.

Augmented Empathy 2020 Keiken Sakeema Crook Ryan Vautier Photo by Drew Forsyth Installation view at FACT 11

Exhibition: Augmented Empathy


Immerse yourself in this new free exhibition that uses Instagram to explore how social media can be used as a space for exchange and artistic creation. Created by artist collective Keiken with Sakeema Crook and Ryan Vautier.

Keiken Collective Feel My Metaverse Mind Body and Screen

Live Performance: Augmented Empathy

Step into an augmented world that brings Instagram filters to life. Join us for a special event by artist collective Keiken and dance artist Sakeema Crook that uses augmented reality and your phone to present two live augmented performances.

Natural Glitch Title Card

Artist Talk: Natural Glitch

Join us for an online conversation with Kasia Molga and Ivan Henriques as they discuss their work, Natural Glitches.

Shonagh Short PESTS Live Illustration by Rob Jackson

Online Event: PESTS Live

Take your place around the table as either a human or a household pest as we attempt to negotiate a new agreement for sharing space.

Latest articles

Blog: Chris Tynan, RSPB Liverpool

We invited Chris Tynan from RSPB Liverpool to share his knowledge to help you identify birds and bird calls in around Merseyside.

by Josh Barrow

RSPB Liverpool Robin