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Amalia Pica In alphabetical order Catalogue of great ape gestures 2018 Photo Louis Lim 6

Amalia Pica and Rafael Ortega


Country: Argentina

Amalia Pica is a London-based Argentinian artist who explores metaphor, communication and civic participation through sculpture, installation, photography, projections, live performances and drawings, each utilised to expose the nuances in communication. Pica is the winner of the 2020 Zurich Art Prize.

Rafael Ortega (Mexico) is a London-based Mexican filmmaker who works in cinematographic projects of fiction and documentary. In 2011, Ortega’s collaboration with Melanie Smith was exhibited as part of the 54th Venice Bienniale.

For And Say The Animal Responded? Pica and Ortega present three pieces which explore the themes of verbal and nonverbal communication between non-human animals. In Gallery One a video projection is activated by infrared triggers and sees a family of chimpanzees acknowledge the viewer whilst in the Learning Space a short film portrays a dancer interpreting the movements and gestures of a great ape. The roaring sound of primatologists imitating the different speech patterns and local dialects of chimps can be heard from a sound installation in the nearby cafe and forms an overarching soundtrack that spills between between the films.