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Amalia Pica In alphabetical order Catalogue of great ape gestures 2018 Photo Louis Lim 6

Amalia Pica and Rafael Ortega


Country: Argentina/Mexico

Amalia Pica (Argentina) is a London-based artist who explores metaphor, communication and civic participation through sculpture, installation, photography, projections, live performances and drawings, each utilised to expose the nuances in communication. Pica is the winner of the 2020 Zurich Art Prize.

Rafael Ortega (Mexico) is a London-based cinematographer whose art practice gravitates around moving image collaborative projects with both artists and museums. Through this process he has been part of more than 75 projects. Some collaborations include works with Francis Alÿs, Abraham Cruzvillegas, João Penalva, Amalia Pica, Pablo Vargas Lugo, Melanie Smith, Javier Tellez and the Amparo Museum, Mexico.