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Find out more about how we work with people through learning and engagement with art, technology, culture and heritage.

We believe that making art is a learning experience and by working together, we can challenge our understanding of the world and explore who we are.

We present art as; a space for critical dialogue; a meaningful exchange between individuals with groups from different generations and backgrounds; and an opportunity to discuss the possibilities of what society can be.

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Events Young People Learning

You get to make new friends, it's fun and you learn more about what's to come in the world.

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LightNight: Ritual, 2019. Photo by Rob Battersby.

Do Something Saturdays


Dear future me. Have you survived the robot uprising? Are we still talking about Brexit? Send a message to the future you and thank yourself later. Drop in on Saturdays to learn and create as a team with family and friends. Free refreshments provided. 

Protolive To Use Learning Young People

Proto-Live Summer Camp (12-16 year olds)


In our latest Proto-Live Summer Camp, you will design wonderful devices to support your future job, apps to fix your well being and work together to decide what kind of work is important for the future of the planet!

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