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Online Workshops: You're On Mute



Part of the The Living Planet season

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You’re On Mute is a series of online workshops and webinars specially designed for arts educators and practitioners with an interest in participatory and engagement projects that work with older people, or individuals that are isolated or vulnerable.

The sessions were split over three afternoons and were led by Chris Rolls (Senior Project Manager at 64 Million Artists), Lara Ratnaraja (Cultural Consultant specialising in diversity, innovation, leadership) and Sarah Bailey (Arts Educator).

Each workshop provided the opportunity to exchange and learn best practice in digital arts and participation. In each session, panellists and participants shared different projects and experiences of engaging ageing and intergenerational audiences with digital arts and creative technologies to create artistic work.

The knowledge generated during these workshops has culminated in a set of resources for arts organisations and artists to reflect on in their own approaches and practices. You can access them below.


Resource 1

Resource 2

Resource 3

Resource 4

You can also enjoy recordings of each session.

Session 1 - How do you design digital spaces for older participants?

Session 2 - How can we reframe collaboration and exchange in digital spaces to enable inclusivity when working with older people?

Session 3 - What can we learn about digital engagement when creating art with people of different ages?