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This season;

Autumn/Winter 2019


Ariel Guzik Ballenas Azules Courtesy of the artist

Spring Assembly: The Living Planet

The Spring Assembly invites you to an afternoon of discussions exploring the magnitude of climate change and the role of art and film in representing and challenging this.

Still from Demelza Kooij Wolves from Above 2018 Image courtesy of the artist 2

And Say the Animal Responded?


COMING SOON! If we listened to animals, what would we hear? Don't miss our forthcoming exhibition which explores the relationship between human and animal. Free entry.

1080px 72dpi Real Work FACT OPENING NIGHT July 2019 Rob Battersby 19

Spotlight Tours


Explore our galleries in a free, spotlight tour with a member of our team! Discover more about the exhibition and the variety of artwork on display in an informal yet insightful mini-talk, open to all.

Ella peebles s4r Yue Y Ipc unsplash

Walking Tour: Dawn Chorus

As the day breaks, join RSPB Liverpool on a special early morning walk and experience the natural spectacle of the dawn chorus.

0hm1gas Manifesta4

0h!m1gas Workshop

Join artist Kuai Shen and build your own electronic amplifier, designed to listen to the sounds of the living planet.

Khacchad Mule

Khacchad: Mule + Q&A

Join Liverpool John Moores University representatives for a screening and Q&A of award winning documentary film Khacchad: Mule

FACT Photo by Jazamin Sinclair DSC8221

Do Something Saturdays


Drop in with your family to break the boundaries of reality, and explore virtual space together!

Selachimorpha Joey Holder 6

Film Night: Out to Sea

Join FACT for an evening of short documentary and artist films which focus on marine life and are curated to reflect on the themes of current exhibition And Say the Animal Responded?

Mesocosm The Trophy Room Photo Alexander J Croft 1

Workshop: Build Your Own Mesocosm

Join artist Greg Herbert to consider micro-ecological systems that can exist in everyday infrastructure like drain pipes and gutters.

Primate Cinema Apes as Family 2011 Directed by Rachel Mayeri Courtesy of the Director

Film Night: Who's Aping Who

Discover a curated selection of short films looking at primate behaviour and their relationship to human cousins.

The Box Liverpool Cinema Hire Boutique Screen

Film Night: Cats in The Cradle

Join FACT for an evening of specially selected short films and documentaries looking at feline behaviour - domestic and wild - reflecting on the themes found in exhibition And Say the Animal Responded?

Image LB2020 Landscape 1

Liverpool Biennial 2020


Liverpool Biennial 2020: The Stomach and the Port looks at the body and ways of connecting with the world