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Picturehouse presents

The Alpinist [12A]

Marc-André Leclerc climbs alone. On remote alpine faces, the free-spirited 23-year-old Canadian frequently makes some of the boldest solo ascents in the history of his sport – with no cameras, no ropes, and no room...

  • Running time: 92 mins

Picturehouse presents

The Many Saints of Newark [15]

New Line Cinema’s “The Many Saints of Newark” is the much-anticipated feature film prequel to David Chase’s groundbreaking, award-winning HBO drama series “The Sopranos.” Young Anthony Soprano is growing up in one of the most...

  • Running time: 120 mins

Picturehouse presents

A Clockwork Orange [18]

Ultra-violent and charismatic, Alex (Malcolm McDowell) leads a gang of juvenile delinquents causing chaos on the streets of futuristic London. But when one of their misdeeds goes wrong and Alex falls into the hands of...

  • Running time: 136 mins

Picturehouse presents

The Servant [12A]

Tony was rich, indolent, charming, and a little stupid. He wanted a manservant to do everything for him. But he was too indolent, too charming, and a little too stupid to see that Barrett was...

  • Running time: 116 mins

Picturehouse presents

Herself [15]

Sandra (Clare Dunne) is a young Mum, struggling to get by, desperate to provide her two young daughters with a safe and happy home to grow up in. When it becomes clear that the local...

  • Running time: 97 mins

Picturehouse presents

Respect [12A]

The remarkable true story of an indelible soul music icon, Respect delves deep into the extraordinary life of Aretha Franklin, going from her early days singing in her father’s church choir to her domination of...

  • Running time: 145 mins
  • Thu, 23 Sep
  • 14:30 HOH Subtitled

Picturehouse presents

The Nest [15]

Charismatic entrepreneur, Rory, relocates his family to England with dreams of profiting from booming 1980’s London. But as his wife, Allison, struggles to adapt, and the promise of a lucrative new beginning starts to unravel...

  • Running time: 107 mins

Picturehouse presents

Rose Plays Julie [15]

The latest film from Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor, the directors of Helen, Mister John and Further Beyond, has been picking up great notices since its premiere at the London Film Festival in October 2019...

  • Running time: 101 mins

Picturehouse presents

Oasis Knebworth 1996 [15]

On 10th & 11th August 1996, 250,000 young music fans converged on Knebworth Park to see Oasis play two record breaking, era defining shows. The landmark concerts sold out in under a day with over...

  • Running time: 110 mins

Picturehouse presents

2046 [12A]

Wong Kar Wai’s loose sequel to In the Mood for Love combines that film’s languorous air of romantic longing with a dizzying time-hopping structure and avant-sci-fi twist. Tony Leung Chiu Wai reprises his role as...

  • Running time: 129 mins

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