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The Liverpool Complaints Choi at Liverpool Lime Street Station, 2019. Photo by Amina Bihi.

The Liverpool Complaints Choir (2019)

Got a complaint about work? We hear you.

The Complaints Choir is an international art project that invites you to sing your gripes aloud. In Summer 2019, The Liverpool Complaints Choir was formed to transform our personal moaning into something great and powerful. Created by artists Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen and led by Choir Director, Jennifer John, the choir is made up of participants of all ages and backgrounds, coming together to performance their complaints in public spaces across the city.

After publishing an open call to find members of the public who wanted to participate, the choir was formed in collaboration with FACT’s Over 60s group, The Digital Ambassadors. None of the choir members required previous singing experience and were asked to bring their work-related complaints to rehearsals which would form the lyrics of an impressive choir song. Rehearsals took place at FACT throughout the summer, culminating in four special performances at FACT, Liverpool Lime Street Station and Granby Market in August and September 2019.

Since the first organised choir in Birmingham in 2005, the project has travelled around the world, bringing together people’s complaints in Helsinki, Melbourne, Hong Kong and now Liverpool.

Commissioned by FACT as part of Young At Art, a partnership between FACT, Open Eye Gallery and National Museums Liverpool and funded by Arts Council England and The Baring Foundation.