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Man Possesed By A Jiin How to Sculpt Learning Morehshin Allahyari

How to Sculpt a Man Possessed by a Demon: Inspired by Morehshin Allahyari



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Is it possible to change the world without also changing ourselves? Designing Desire explores ​the​ ​future​ ​of​ ​3D​ ​printing​ ​and​ ​its​ ​possible​ ​effects on​ ​our​ ​bodies,​ ​sexualities​ ​and​ ​identities. In this exhibition, artists Morehshin Allahyari, Joey Holder, and Kuang-Yi Ku consider the future of 3D printing using speculative design.

Designers often focus on making technology easy to use and solution focussed however, speculative design is used as a tool to create both things and ideas. In Designing Desires, the artists are questioning reality by using speculative design to construct something imaginary. It provides an artistic perspective in that it may offer a better understanding of the human condition, a or to stretching of our imaginations and encourages us to consider potential futures: a space for social dreaming.

This way of working provides an artistic perspective that may offer a better understanding of the human condition and encourages us to stretch our imaginations and consider potential futures: a space for social dreaming



Throughout this activity you will learn:

  • Basic 3D sculpting techniques, using SculptGL
  • How to create new digital sculptures by distorting existing ones
  • How to create a digital sculpture of a character that has been possessed by demons
  • How to explore feminism, gender and magic by writing a short sci-fi story

In Muslim Fiction there are a lot of sci-fi elements – think invisible men – time travel – flying machines – travelling to other planets. Working as a team or individually design an contemporary goddess. If working in a team you can use the exquisite corpse technique, otherwise make a drawing or model using clay or Play-Doh.

  • What makes your alternative goddess have deity status?
  • Why should she be worshipped?
  • How would you use 3D printing to modify her?
  • What makes her different from other gods and goddesses?
  • If working in a team, compare your godesses - how are they different? Are there any similarities?

Introduction to Digital 3D Sculpting

Man Possesed By A Jiin How to Sculpt Learning Morehshin Allahyari

This is a digital 3D model created by one of the young people attending a Prototype Camp at FACT Liverpool in October 2017. Inspired by Designing Desires and Morehshin Allahyari’s work See Who Sees the Unknown, this 3D model is of a man possessed by a Jiin.

Ready to start 3D sculpting? SculptGL is an open source, 3D sculpting app that can be used in your browser. It’s simple interface gives a really great introduction to 3D design. Visit the website to start and follow our step-by-step guide below on how to use the sculpting app.

Step-By-Step Guide: How to 3D Sculpt


  • Go to 'Scene/Clear scene'
  • Import a 3D model Go to 'File (import/export)/add (obj/sgl/ply/stl)' Find the .obj file you want to work on and import it.


Rotate = Click and Drag anywhere except on your model

Move view = Alt + Shift + click & drag

Zoom = Push the mouse wheel forwards or backwards or place two fingers on your trackpad and push forwards if your trackpad responds to multitouch.


Go to the Rendering panel on the right hand side.

Select different materials from the 'material' drop down menu.

How to sculpt tutorial designing desires

Using the 'sculpt' tool


Select the drag tool from the Sculpting & Painting panel on the right hand side & click and drag on the model.

Experiment by changing the radius of the drag.

Use History/Undo & History/Redo to step back if you want to change something you have done.

How to sculpt tutorial designing desires

Using the 'crease' tool


If symmetry is ticked then every edit you make to the model will be duplicated on the other side of the model. To deselect symmetry, go to the sculpting & painting panel and untick symmetry.


3D models are made up of a collection of flat 2D shapes called polygons. When they join together they make a 3D shape, we call this shape a mesh.

Tick the wireframe tickbox in the rendering panel to see the mesh.The more polygons a mesh has, the smoother it will be when we start to sculpt.

If the model starts to look jagged when you sculpt, you can add polygons to the mesh. To do this go to the Topology panel and click on subdivide. Each time you click subdivide, each polygon will divide in two. This can make the model a lot smoother, but also add to the file size, so beware of subdividing too much.

Experiment with the different tools & their parameters e.g. the radius of the drag tool.

How to sculpt tutorial designing desires

Using the 'paint' tool


To export your model go to File/Save .obj


Create a 3D sculpture of a man that has been possessed by demons, by distorting the ‘Bald White Man’ model.

Write a short mythological story about a group of women who summon the spirit of a Jiin to smash the patriarchy. The story should be no more than 1024 characters long.

Upload your model to SketchFab and include your story in the description text.

How to sculpt tutorial designing desires

Using the 'smooth' tool


  • How does your experience of this activity make you feel about your body?
  • How important is your body to your understanding of yourself? Why?
  • How can 3D printing and digital tools can help us to move past such restrictions?