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The Machine to be Another

'The Machine To Be Another' at FACT aims to understand empathy and address issues of conflict through the creation of a long-term learning environment, using VR technology and filmmaking to explore commonalities and differences in identities and experiences.

The machine is the future, for people that cannot use their body to feel things.

Student from Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Between July 2017 and May 2018, students from Holy Family Catholic Primary School and Academy St Francis Assisi worked with an artist to design new artistic experiences and uses of 'The Machine to be Another' that they have facilitated to their families and colleagues at school.

In collaboration with local school students, their families and artist collective BeAnotherLab, 'The Machine To Be Another' was activated in Liverpool. Through an artistic approach and using VR technology, participants designed, produced and developed content; created resources and a methodology to express themselves and their experiences;, addressed conflict situations;, communicated across generations and backgrounds, and co-designed a learning and knowledge exchange laboratory.

'The Machine to be Another' works as an open platform to co-design immersive experiences in which one can step into the shoes of another. It’s built by an open community of creators, scientists, performers and participants gathered by a common dream of building an empathetic society.

The machine fosters an intergenerational learning community and provides a prototype for an art-based learning environment using creative technology. The project promotes lifelong learning as a tool for critical thinking whilst creating a repository of educational open resources for creative technologies.

It was the scariest thing ever because you always wonder what you look like yourself through somebody else's eyes.

Visiting Student


Perspectives (Belgium), ADPI (France), Melting Pro (Italy) and FACT (United Kingdom).

This project is part of 4CDE, a European multi-partner project that aims to overcome the lack of Open Educational Resources (OER) and help educators to teach and promote a creative and critical use of technologies.

With the support of Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.


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