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...and Still the Table Remains...

A project created by artist Mark Storor in collaboration with individuals that have experience of military service, through a process of shared conversation, exchange, action and dreaming.

With Billy, Ged, Ian, JB, Joe, Kate, Keith, Mike, Neil, Norman, Ram, Stafford, and Victor.

Vets Rosegarden High Res  81

'…and Still the Table Remains...' is a series of phantasmagorias of reality, beauty, humour and truth. Drawing upon these experiences (as well as in some cases the experience of being subject to the criminal justice system) not as isolated or decisive descriptors of the self, but instead as one of many moments of definition, within a multiplicity of such moments, from the revelation of being a good lover to the magnificence of the landscape of the Falklands Islands.

Photographs by Stephen King, film by Chris Keenan, costumes by Brian Hanlon, publication design by Mike Carney, with thanks to Darren Hunt, Andrew Leak and HMP Liverpool. Produced by FACT, supported by The Royal British Legion.


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