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Wu Tsang Under Cinema At Fact  Photo Jon Barraclough 2

Under Cinema - Learning Guide



Part of the Winter 2017 season

Downloads: Under Cinema Learning Resource (.pdf, 0.17mb)

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Designed for educators and teachers bringing groups to visit FACT to gain knowledge and understanding of subject matter and to enjoy and be inspired by the experience of an art centre visit while supporting learning across curricular dimensions.

This guide includes an outline of the artwork on show, as well as learning objectives, gallery discussions and ideas to stimulate the learning process around the themes of the exhibition.

Download the guide below.


Wu Tsang’s new solo show at FACT investigates the ways in which artistic practice can be a platform for less-mainstream narratives, different from
Western culture and traditional gender discourse. As a filmmaker, Tsang moves between documentary and fiction, creating an immersive world where her characters are not represented within the traditional categorizations (race, gender…). They constantly question what it means to be both an individual and a member of a community. Her style can be described as pseudo-documentation, she also explores performance and music. Under Cinema (2017) is a video and sound installation environment. The film follows the creative process of Kelela, an up-and-coming pop star as she records her first album. Performance and fantasy elements are used to represent Kelela’s love for music and her struggle in the global music industry, hungry to exploit black culture without understanding the roots of its history.

The design configuration is also important, as it sits beneath FACT’s cinema screen, engages with this idea of mainstream cinema and experimental art forms sharing the same space.