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Listen: How To Design Interactive Art Experiences For Collective Decision Making With Fast Familiar



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This workshop considered what is needed for this type of facilitation and what tools technology can provide. Attendees worked in small groups to devise and shared practical ideas and solutions that support the facilitation of this work.

Fast Familiar are an interdisciplinary collaboration comprising expertise in theatre, facilitation and creative computing. They make artworks which are participatory, playful and political. For them, art is a space to explore questions which are too complex for daily life - and a space where we can rehearse better outcomes for a world where no decision of significance is taken by an isolated individual.

The knowledge generated during this workshop culminated in a resource for arts organisations and artists to reflect on in their own approaches and practices.

This workshop follows on from You’re On Mute, a series of online workshops and webinars specially designed for arts educators and practitioners with an interest in participatory and engagement projects. Our first ‘You’re on Mute’ programme explored online engagement, especially with older people or individuals that were isolated or vulnerable during the Covid Pandemic. Resources that were created with the knowledge generated in these sessions can be found here.

The title for these sessions is taken from an artwork, PESTS, by FACT Together artist, Shonagh Short.

Framework For... is made possible by funding from and is part of, a wider research project funded by the European Union, called Artsformation.