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Quipo in the Museo Machu Picchu Casa Concha Cusco

Accounting and Accountability

This session brings together our board’s artist in residence, Jack Tan, FACT board member, Matthew Balnaves and artist, curator and cultural futurist Lauren Craig to consider accounting and accountability.


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The panel will consider ways of drawing on other worldviews of accounting, to reconsider who and what is accounted for and the stories they represent, allowing us to shift the ways in which an institution is held to account. This session will be moderated by FACT’s Head of Programme, Maitreyi Maheshwari.

This event follows Jack’s recent Performing Trust conversation with Rachel Higham and Jane Wentworth from Framework for Trust, which questioned how to build, maintain and explore trust through organisational work and policy-making.

Click here to read Jack Tan's Provocations on Counting, Accounting and Accountability.

Jack Tan

Jack Ky Tan makes work that explores the connection between the social, the legal and art. Using social relations and cultural norms as material, he creates works of visual, performance and participatory art that highlight the rules — customs, rituals, habits and theories — that guide human behaviour. Jack’s social practice also blurs the boundaries between art, governance and consultancy in order to help organisations reform and revision themselves using artistic thinking.

Prior to becoming an artist, Jack graduated from Hull University Law School, completed and MA in Social Justice and Education at UCL, worked in commercial litigation, trained as a lawyer, and undertook human rights casework and anti-racist campaigning. He then studied ceramics, obtaining a BA from the University of Westminster and an MA from the Royal College of Art. Jack also holds a PhD in legal aesthetics and performance at the University of Roehampton, Dept of Drama, Theatre and Performance.

As an artist-curator, Jack has curated exhibitions for the ICA London, Wiltshire Creative, the Salisbury International Arts Festival, Royal College of Art, arebyte gallery (London) and Lewisham Arthouse. He has also taught sculpture at the Royal College of Art and University of Brighton, and politics at Goldsmiths.

Matthew Balnaves

Born and raised on Merseyside, Matthew is passionate about the city of Liverpool and the rich cultural heritage that FACT is an integral part of.

In his current position, Matthew is the Northern Europe Trade Manager for Hilti (GB) a multi-national sales and marketing organisation in the Construction Industry. In this role, Matthew is responsible for the strategic development of the business across Northern Europe, having progressed through a number of leadership roles in his 13 year tenure primarily within Sales Management.

Matthew holds an undergraduate degree in Politics from Newcastle University and an MBA from Lancaster University, specialising in Mindful Leadership within the workplace. Matthew joined the Board of Trustees at FACT in 2019.

Lauren Craig

Lauren Craig (She/her/hers) is a social-media shy, internet-curious cultural futurist based in London. Her practice intentionally moves slowly between curation, performance, installation, art writing, moving images and auto-ethnographic photography. Through collaborative live engagement, systems thinking and social archival histories, Lauren elevates lived experience as a tool for reframing past and present underexposed narratives.

Lauren’s current research maps and elevates the creative genealogies of contemporary celebration and commemoration through ethical alternative curatorial practices, centralising the work of women/femme artists of colour. She is committed to creating and supporting the living systems and creative life force within the arts contributing to the direction of many organisations through board representation, creative consultancy and servile leadership at multiple levels.

Image: Quipo in the Museo Machu Picchu, Casa Concha, Cusco.jpg" by Pi3.124, used under CC BY-SA 4.0

The title for these sessions is taken from an artwork, PESTS, by FACT Together artist, Shonagh Short.

Framework For... is made possible by funding from and is part of, a wider research project funded by the European Union, called Artsformation.

Watch: Accounting and Accountability

Join us as we consider accounting and accountability with artist in residence, Jack Tan, FACT trustee, Matthew Balnaves and artist, curator and cultural futurist Lauren Craig.


Quipo in the Museo Machu Picchu Casa Concha Cusco

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