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Podcast: Performing Trust



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A core question for FACT, from our work with artists and participants, has been around the idea of trust. How is trust built and exchanged in digital spaces? In his role as artist-in-residence on FACT’s Board of Trustees, Jack Tan explores how trust exists as representation and as performance, asking how it is enacted between staff, trustees, funders and audiences?

In this podcast, Jack has invited Rachel Higham, Chair of FACT’s Board of Trustees, to discuss how we build, maintain and explore trust through organisational work and policy-making. Also joining the conversation will be Jane Wentworth, bringing her extensive experience working within cultural institutions to refine their brand and embody their values.

To listen to the podcast just click or tap the player below.

Framework for Trust - Jack Tan
Framework for Trust - Rachel Higham
Framework for Trust - Jane Wentworth

Performing Trust is part of Framework for Trust, a week of events and collection of resources created by artists-in-residence at FACT around the topic of trust..

This online event is also part of the Transformer Summit: an international series of online conversations, interventions and workshops that look at how art can explore the social, cultural, economic and political benefits of digital transformation. The Transformer Summit is presented by FACT Liverpool, transmediale and Waag Amsterdam and is part of Artsformation, a research project exploring the intersection between arts, society and technology.