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Framework for Trust

Framework For Trust

During 2020 and 2021, we have been working with artists to think about how we make artworks and build artistic programmes. Through these collaborations, we developed a series of conversations, interventions and resources called Framework for…. These focus on the topics urgent to FACT’s current and future research, and to those who we are working with.

Framework for Trust is a series of events and collection of resources that explore the ways in which our artists-in-residence think about trust, and the relationship it has to the work they are doing. All of the artists involved have developed different works whilst in residence at FACT. Framework for Trust offers an examination of the processes of making art within a residency and explores the way in which artistic practises overlap and collide in relation to trust in both digital space and artworks.

The title for these sessions is taken from an artwork, PESTS, by FACT Together artist, Shonagh Short.

Framework for Trust

Framework for... is made possible by funding from and is part of, a wider research project funded by the European Union, called Artsformation.

Image: Jack Tan (2015), Decision Pong: a boardroom decision-making game; ceramics, ping pong balls, conference table. Part of How To Do Things With Rules solo show, ICA Singapore

Uncertain Data Deep Dive 3


Uncertain Data


Uncertain Data brings together four artists in residence at FACT, whose work interrogates the trust we place in the data that governs us.



Performing Trust


Join us for an online event as we discuss how trust is built and exchanged within digital spaces. Speakers include artist-in-residence and trustee Jack Tan, Chair of FACT’s Board of Trustees, Rachel Higham and expert in cultural institutions, Jane Wentworth. This online event is part of our Framework for Trust series, an international Transformer Summit with partners WAAG and transmediale, and Artsformation.

Listen: In both trickles and floods

Reaching across time zones and geographical regions, artist in residence Angela YT Chan and curator Annie Jael Kwan, have co-created an experimental audio work that explores their shared fascination with liquidity.


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Watch: As yet untitled

Linda Stupart and Ayesha Tan Jones have collaborated to share how they can make work together, whilst they are apart


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Listen: I’ve got the power!

For Framework for Trust, artist in residence Tessa Norton and artist Shonagh Short have produced a podcast by exchanging voice notes.


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