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Ayesha Tan Jones

Resident artist

Country: United Kingdom


Ayesha's work is a spiritual practice that seeks to present an alternative, queer, optimistic dystopia. They work through ritual, meditating through craft, dancing through the veil betwixt nature and the other. Ayesha weaves a mycelial web of diverse, eco-conscious narratives which aim to connect, enthrall and induce audiences to think more sustainably and ethically. Traversing pop music, sculpture, alter-egos, digital image and video work, Ayesha sanctifies these mediums as tools in their craft.

Ayesha is the co-founder of Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club, a physical and meta-physical self defence class for women, non-binary people and QTIPoC. YaYa Bones is their musical alter ego. YaYa Bones writes protest music for witches, non-binary love songs and apocalyptic lullabies for the gestation phase of the nu-awakening.


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