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Rituals of Loneliness

Rituals of Loneliness is a collection of newly commissioned digital artworks by artists Shonagh Short, Linda Stupart and Ayesha Tan Jones, created in collaboration with a group of adults and young people from Liverpool.

Meeting and working together on Zoom, the group shared their personal tactics to defeat lockdown and celebrate the new rituals we all performed, from clapping on Thursdays, to fermenting and living room dancing.

The artworks reflect on the rituals that have made us feel more connected to the world around us during the past year of isolation. What have we done that has made us feel less lonely? What have we shared? What things did we choose to protect? What have we lost? What have we learnt?

Ayesha Tan Jones

Ayesha Tan Jones collaborated with Emma Harris, Bibi Holden, Tia Hume-Jennings, Dorothy Jackaman, Corinne Jones, Tom Oak and Anna Reid.

Linda Stupart

Linda Stupart collaborated with Evan Bray, Paula Hume, Jacqui Maguire, Anna Saunders, Melissa Waddington and Sharon Watkins.

Shonagh Short

Shonagh Short collaborated with Dominic Cooper, Halima Jonas, Tom Oak, Khan Odita, Christine Robson and Jean Watson.


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