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FACT Together

An annual, online commissioning scheme set up to support early-career, northern artists. Each round, a selection of artists and artist groups are awarded individual grants plus 3 months of support to create new, digital work.

2022 open call now live! Apply now

FACT Together was set up in 2020, in response to the financial uncertainty caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the temporary closure of galleries and museums across the world.

Open to early-career artists based in the North of England, FACT Together's first year received proposals from over 250 artists, highlighting the growing need to support our creative community during these challenging times. The whole of the North was strongly represented with proposals from Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, Sheffield, Leeds, Hull, Lancaster, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland.

For each instalment of FACT Together, successful artists receive an individual grant, a production budget and 3 months of support and mentorship to create new work responding to FACT's annual, programmatic theme. Following the 2020 theme of The Living Planet, the 2021 open call asks artists to shape their work relating to the theme Radical Ancestry, a year-long exploration into the sense of belonging. In the aftermath of a global pandemic, we are more aware of how technology has changed how we think about ourselves, the people around us, and the places we call home. Click on the resources tab to view our latest open call.

Awarded artists will develop their ideas with professional support provided from our team. The open call asks artists to submit ideas that could be shared digitally which has resulted in hundreds of proposals for podcasts, live streams, games, gifs, animations, performances, short films, social media takeovers, interactive artworks, workshops and more. Many of the artists selected for FACT Together have not previously created digital work, making this an exciting opportunity for both the artists and our online community.


FACT Together 2021 Artist Collage

From left to right: Kerolaina Linkevica, Hope Strickland, Erin Dickson, GLOR1A


FACT Together Artists FACT Liverpool MICHAELBRAILEY, Milda Baginskaitė, Jessica El Mal, Day Mattar, Gregory Herbert, Niloo Sharifi, Shonagh Short, Tammy Reynolds, Elle Bulger, Uma Breakdown

Meet the FACT Together artists!

Top from left to right: nil00 Sharifi, Shonagh Short, Tammy Reynolds, Elle Bulger, Uma Breakdown.

Bottom from left to right: MICHAELBRAILEY, Milda Baginskaitė, Jessica El Mal, Day Mattar, Gregory Herbert.

Orun-rere - Swarm Prototype 4 (2022)

SWARM is a social experiment: a radical reprogramming of the senses to remove binary thinking from sight and listening. A game where communication directly affects the environment, our bodies and our future.

Animal Agency (2020)

Uma Breakdown is an artist, writer and researcher who uses horror studies, feminist literature and queer role-playing games to create art. Play the downloadable game, Animal Agency, online and find out more about the concept ‘ahuman’ which inspired the creation of the artwork

Shonagh Short PESTS Live Illustration by Rob Jackson


Online Event: PESTS Live


Take your place around the table as either a human or a household pest as we attempt to negotiate a new agreement for sharing space.



Live Meditation: You, Copiphora Gorgonensis


Join us from Facebook Live on Thu 22 October at 8pm and experience our latest FACT Together commission You, Copiphora Gorgonensis, created by MICHAELBRAILEY.

FACT Together exhibition


FACT Together


FACT Gallery

This exhibition presents 10 digital artworks created by artists in the North of England during lockdown in 2020.

FACT Together 2021 Artists Announced

We are thrilled to announce the 4 artists who have been selected for this year’s FACT Together. Each of the awarded artists will receive a grant of £2500, a production budget and 3 months of support to create a new digital artwork.


FACT Together 2021 Artist Collage

Podcast: Accessibility as a Radical Creative Practice

On this episode of the podcast, Tammy Reynolds (artist and performer), Natalia Bedkowska (artist) and Dot Alma (queer audio describer and access worker) discuss accessibility not just as a basic right, but as a radical creative practice.


Tammy png

In Conversation: Uma Breakdown and Lesley Taker

Uma Breakdown has made a visual novel in the form of a downloadable game for FACT Together, released earlier this week, called Animal Agency. Lesley, our Exhibitions Manager, had a chat with them about horror, critters, love, and how this commission altered Uma’s approach to world-building in the game space.


Screenshot from Animal Agency 2020 by Uma Breakdown Image courtesy of the artist


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