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Nicole Prior - LAB_our screengrab

LAB_our (2023)

Create a digital version of yourself to represent you in our LAB. The more information you provide, the more your digital twin will resemble you. So, don't hold back!

The data you provide via the website will determine your digital self's personality inside LAB_our. It will affect the shop windows you browse, the ads you pay attention to, the conversations you may have with others, and the paths you take around the space.

Nicole’s digital installation LAB_our (a play on ‘laboratory’ and ‘artificial labour’) mimics the ways corporations collect user data, raising questions around data ownership and consent in commerce, and how it could be used in the future. The work uses the visual language of surveillance footage to draw attention to how often our digital movements are captured without our knowledge or explicit consent. Prior’s playful website mimics the over-excited marketing language of a corporation desperate to conceal the actual nature of its data-collecting practices. It asks, who owns your digital footprint, and for what purpose?

Please note this artwork mimics a data collection process, but no personal data will be collected or stored.