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Nicole Prior

Nicole Prior, a visual artist based in Manchester, UK, explores the convergence of art, digital technologies and human behaviour through her work. With a focus on the impact of surveillance and data collection, Nicole's digital experiments delve into the intricate dynamics that shape how people behave.

Her interactive installations, whether manifested online or in physical spaces, extend an invitation to audiences, inviting them to actively engage and contribute to the artwork's narrative.

Most recently, Nicole's work has explored the interplay between human and artificial labour, the commerce of data, the environmental impact of data collection, and the potential futures that emerge from these dynamics. Through her thought experiments, viewers are invited to contemplate the intricate relationships between humans, data, and the future we collectively shape.

In 2021, Nicole exhibited her show DATA ROOMS at a Castlefield Gallery New Art Space, using real-time CCTV feeds, software patches and mirror mazes. Additionally, she has participated in numerous artist-led group exhibitions. Nicole was awarded the FACT Together residency in 2022.



LAB_our (2023)

Create a digital version of yourself to represent you in our LAB. The more information you provide, the more your digital twin will resemble you. So, don't hold back!