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Restrooms 2023 Ellie Towers

FACT Together 2022-23

Discover four new digital artworks by Liverpool and Manchester based artists Dongni Liang, Nicole Prior, Charlotte Southall and Ellie Towers.

FACT Liverpool
88 Wood Street
L1 4DQ
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FACT Together is our annual commissioning scheme set up to support early-career artists in the North of England to create new digital art! The residency reflects our wider ambition to become an artist-centred organisation, supporting a creative community of artists, curators, researchers and participants.

Working across film, alternative reality, performance, games, textiles and sculpture, the FACT Together 2022-23 artist cohort respond to experiences of togetherness across physical and digital formats.

This year, you can explore the works online as well as in the gallery. The physical display runs from 8 September - 26 November and is a focal point to engage with the works, as well as gain further insight into the artists’ practices. The works presented are the outcomes of their residencies, looking at the different ways technology affects our collective existence.

Explore the online commissions by clicking ARTWORKS above, and find out more about the residents below!

Dongni Liang

Dongni Liang Kudzu Whispers 2023 Courtesy of the artist
Dongni Liang Headshot

Dongni Liang works across 3D, film, and alternative and virtual reality to explore the complex and often tense relationship between nature, technology, and human beings. By combining short films and computer-generated content, she creates immersive environments that invite viewers to question their own relationship with the natural world and the technological innovations that shape our daily lives.

Nicole Prior

Nicole Prior LAB our 2023 Courtesy of the artist
Nicole Prior

Nicole Prior explores the convergence of art, digital technologies and human behaviour. With a focus on the impact of surveillance and data collection, Nicole's digital experiments delve into the intricate dynamics that shape how people behave.

Charlotte Southall

Charlotte Southall 1
Charlotte Southall

Charlotte Southall works across textiles, video, sculpture, gimmicks, and memes. Her practice exists in the spaces that human bodies inhabit between the IRL (physical life) and URL (digital life), grounding us in both realms with the sense of touch. Alongside her clone, SkinnyChip2, she thinks through what it means to exist as a post digital person.

Ellie Towers

Restrooms 2023 Ellie Towers
Headshot NEW Ellie Towers FACT Together

Situating itself within various semi-fictional landscapes, Ellie Towers’s practice often considers the interactions or experiences we might have within an environment by unpacking and re-imagining their content. Combining hand sculpted, painted and drawn elements by collaging them together within 3D software, the results are often narrative-led outcomes that exist between a physical and digital output - transcending and transforming not only the locations depicted within them but also the spaces in which they are exhibited.

LAB_our (2023)

Create a digital version of yourself to represent you in our LAB. The more information you provide, the more your digital twin will resemble you. So, don't hold back!

Rest Rooms (2023)

Combining handmade elements, stop-motion animation and 3D-rendering, Ellie Towers presents a film inspired by lost public places in Liverpool.

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