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Ellie Towers

Rest Rooms (2023)

Combining handmade elements, stop-motion animation and 3D-rendering, Ellie Towers presents a film inspired by lost public places in Liverpool. Through anecdote, reflection and memory, the work calls into question the role of preservation and creation, and the necessity of locating collective celebration over individual achievement.

Inspired by online and playground games, and with the nostalgic feel of a misremembered video game from childhood, Rest Rooms travels through underground and hidden spaces. Ruled by its own symbols, motifs and myths, as the film progresses you uncover a board-game once played by fellow visitors, animals living amongst archival materials and witness the vital role of caretaker. Ellie invites us to explore the anxieties, functionalities, and joys of community spaces, and to contemplate the complex relationships we have with public and private places.

Watch the film and download the accompanying booklet below.

Soundwork produced by Joe Goff.