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Angela YT Chan

Resident artist

Country: UK


Angela YT Chan is a 'creative climate change communicator', working as an independent researcher, curator and artist. Her work reconfigures power and knowledge in relation to the inequity of climate change, through communal self-archiving of minoritised climate histories and contemporary experiences. Her current research commissions span climate framings, water scarcity and conflict, and has held residencies with Arts Catalyst, FACT and Sonic Acts. Since 2014, Angela has produced exhibitions, curatorial projects and workshops as Worm: art + ecology, collaborating with artists, activists and youth groups. She holds a postgraduate in Climate Change: History, Culture, Society (KCL), and co-founded the London Chinese Science Fiction Group and co-directs the London Science Fiction Research Community.



Rain Paradox (2021)

Part of residency showcase, Uncertain Data, Rain Paradox (2021) explores Rain Paradox presents counter-narratives to official framings of water scarcity, offering different perspectives from community-minded citizens across the UK.

Latest articles

Listen: In both trickles and floods

Reaching across time zones and geographical regions, artist in residence Angela YT Chan and curator Annie Jael Kwan, have co-created an experimental audio work that explores their shared fascination with liquidity.


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