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Jerwood Arts / FACT Fellowship

This annual fellowship will appoint 3 emerging artists, curators, creative technologists, critical thinkers, or cultural activists, from any background, to support their potential as producers of the future.

We are committed to supporting the next generation of creative talent, and highlighting a broad range of perspectives on digital culture. Now in its second year, the Jerwood Arts / FACT Fellowship brings 3 distinct creative voices into the organisation anually to focus on their practice and professional development. Each of the UK-based artists are invited to respond to our current programme themes.

2020-21 Programme Theme → The Living Planet

2021-22 Programme Theme → Radical Ancestry

Residencies are hybrid (a mixture of in-person stays in Liverpool and online) and focus on the development of a new piece of work or research interest, with outcomes presented at FACT. Residency outcomes can either be works-in-progress or final versions of the work and can take the form of installations, events, or a range of other outputs.

We invite artists to experiment within our programme and their own practices, using this opportunity to make connections in Liverpool, exchange with other resident artists, interact with our audiences, and test out ideas and approaches.


In its first year, the fellowship was awarded to artists Angela YT Chan, Tessa Norton and Yambe Tam. Working remotely and supported through a digital residency, the artists presented their final outcomes in the exhibition, Uncertain Data. Together, the works exposed the complex layers defining the data that governs us, and questions the trust we place in it. Explore the artworks online.

Yambe Tam Deep Dive 2021 Installation view at FACT Courtesy of the artist Image by Rob Battersby 14
Angela YT Chan Rain Paradox 2021 Installation view at FACT Courtesy of the artist Image by Rob Battersby
Tessa Norton The Trouble With Dark Circles A Mixtape 2021 Installation view at FACT Courtesy of the artist Image by Rob Battersby 3


In its second year, the fellowship was awarded to artists Ashley Holmes (Sheffield, UK), Lucy Hutchinson (London and Lancashire, UK) and April Lin 林森 (London, UK and Stockholm, Sweden). Each of the artists will take part in a funded hybrid residency to support their artistic practice. The outcomes of the residency will be presented at FACT in Summer/Autumn 2022.

Rain Paradox (2021)

Part of residency showcase, Uncertain Data, Rain Paradox (2021) explores Rain Paradox presents counter-narratives to official framings of water scarcity, offering different perspectives from community-minded citizens across the UK.

Deep Dive (2021)

As part of residency showcase, Uncertain Data, Deep Dive (2021) is an ambient video game that explores the depths of the ocean: allowing you to descend deeper into the unknown as you master your mind through meditation.

Uncertain Data Deep Dive 3


Uncertain Data


Uncertain Data brings together four artists in residence at FACT, whose work interrogates the trust we place in the data that governs us.

WEB SIZE 1440px 72dpi Lucy Hutchinson FACT OCT 2022 Rob Battersby 21


Lucy Hutchinson



Lucy Hutchinson presents a new body of work which explores the relationship between printmaking, witchcraft, and biotechnology.

Listen: In both trickles and floods

Reaching across time zones and geographical regions, artist in residence Angela YT Chan and curator Annie Jael Kwan, have co-created an experimental audio work that explores their shared fascination with liquidity.


Image twitter1631872007306

Listen: I’ve got the power!

For Framework for Trust, artist in residence Tessa Norton and artist Shonagh Short have produced a podcast by exchanging voice notes.


Image twitter1632324496037


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