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Listen: In both trickles and floods



Part of the Radical Ancestry season

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Reaching across time zones and geographical regions, artist in residence Angela YT Chan and curator Annie Jael Kwan, have co-created an experimental audio work that explores their shared fascination with liquidity.

The piece weaves field sound recordings and research into water scarcity and embedded power structures in cultural narratives to examine rising waters and eco-anxiety alongside strategies of hydrofeminism and radical solidarity across borders.

Angela YT Chan is one of three recipients of the Jerwood Arts / FACT Digital Fellowship, a new paid remote residency and artistic development opportunity. Angela's work features in our current exhibition, Uncertain Data, which interrogates the trust we place in the data that governs us.

Listen to the episode on Spotify, Apple or Google podcasts.

Annie Jael Kwan

Annie Jael Kwan is an independent curator and researcher whose exhibition-making, programming, publication and teaching practice is located at the intersection of contemporary art, art history and cultural activism, with interest in archives, histories, feminist, queer and alternative knowledges, collective practices, and solidarity. As co-director of Something Human, a curatorial initiative, she has presented live art projects across the UK and Europe, and launched the pioneering Southeast Asia Performance Collection (SAPC) that represent 50 artists from the region at the Live Art Development Agency during the 2017 M.A.P. (Movement x Archive x Performance) project. For Winter 2021, Annie Jael Kwan will curate Future Ages Will Wonder, a major group exhibition at FACT.

Angela YT Chan

Angela YT Chan is a 'creative climate change communicator', working with curation, research and art. She is focused on decolonial climate justice, geography and contemporary speculative fiction, and collaborates widely with artists, activists, speculative fiction authors and youth groups. Her research-based art practice uses video, communal conversations and speculative fiction, to map and reconfigure climate communication and knowledges from minoritised experiences. Angela also independently runs Worm: art + ecology and co-founded the London Chinese Science Fiction Group.

This work is made possible by funding from, and is part of, a wider research project funded by the European Union, called Artsformation. Artsformation has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation strand.

Angela YT Chan was awarded the Jerwood Arts / FACT Digital Fellowship in 2020. Funded by Jerwood Arts, the annual fellowship and remote residency appoints 3 emerging artists, curators, creative technologists, critical thinkers or cultural activists, from any background, to support their potential as producers of the future.