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Ashley Holmes Performance commissioned by Languid Hands at Frieze LIVE Raven Row London 2021 Photos by Deniz Guzel courtesy of Deniz Guzel Frieze

Ashley Holmes

Resident artist

Country: UK


Ashley Holmes (b. Luton, 1990) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sheffield working across sound, video, radio broadcasts and performance. His work brings together themes of collective memory, ownership and belonging with a specific focus on the nuances and unique authority of music from the Caribbean. He hosts Tough Matter, a monthly broadcast on NTS Radio and also facilitates Open Deck - a series of gatherings giving space to collectively listen and hold discursive space around relationships to music, sound and oral histories.

Recent selected work & projects include; Trust Melody, Humber Street Gallery (current); Pending, Still (Sync n Feeling Dub), sound sommission for Consent not to be a single being: Worlding the Caribbean symposium by Hyundai Tate Research Centre: Transnational, UAL Transnational and Transcultural Arts and Culture Exchange(2021); Even Myself Knows That Too (Journal Dub) performance commissioned by Languid Hands at Frieze LIVE, London (2021) Distend, Leeds Art Gallery, commissioned by Yorkshire Sculpture International (2021)

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