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Listen: Meditation for a Falling Whale (and other social animals)



Part of the Radical Ancestry season

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In this podcast, artist in residence Yambe Tam delivers a guided meditation of her new work Deep Dive (2021). Using sensory and creative technologies, Yambe Tam's work explores the evolution of consciousness in living and artificial beings.

The artwork explores the connection between human presence of mind, and the uncertainty of the natural world, following the journey of a whale falling from the surface of the ocean to the seabed. Tracing memories from birth to the construction of a mature identity, to death and the afterlife, the aural prompts connect between and blur human and non-human perceptions. The meditation encourages an inner journey of self-understanding, inviting you to surrender and find comfort in the unfamiliar.

Deep Dive (2021) is exhibiting at FACT until 3 October as part of Uncertain Data.

Listen to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Yambe Tam

Yambe Tam is an artist whose creative practice centres around the evolution of consciousness in living and artificial beings. Her artwork takes the form of virtual spaces and immersive sculptural installations, and is informed by the fields of sensory ecology, evolutionary biology, cognitive science, and theoretical physics, as well as her practice of Zen Buddhism. Through collaborations with composers, creative technologists, and scientists, she creates contemplative, embodied experiences of speculative futures and invisible realities.

This podcast is made possible by funding from, and is part of, a wider research project funded by the European Union, called Artsformation. Artsformation has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation strand.

Yambe Tam was awarded the Jerwood Arts / FACT Digital Fellowship in 2020. Funded by Jerwood Arts, the annual fellowship and remote residency appoints 3 emerging artists, curators, creative technologists, critical thinkers or cultural activists, from any background, to support their potential as producers of the future.