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Board of Trustees Artist Residency

From 2021, we are launching an annual artist residency that will invite an artist to join our Board of Trustees. The year-long residency will see our Board as a site for artistic intervention and institutional critique into governance functions, which can often feel exclusive due to their bureaucratic nature.

Jack tan artist photo

Building on his recent participatory project, Learning Non-Human which contributed to the writing of our environmental policy, FACT has invited artist Jack Tan to be our inaugural artist-in-residence within our Board of Trustees.

The residency takes as its starting point the question of what is ‘Trust’ (from the word ‘Trustee’) and how is trust understood and enacted within an organisation between staff, trustees, funders and audiences? Trust is both represented and performed in this context and Jack is keen to explore how governance may become an ‘art material’ with which new models of practice may be shaped, through an exploration of feminist, decolonial, queer, or ecological approaches.

During his residency, the artist will be attending all of our scheduled meetings with the Board of Trustees as well as meeting with individual Board members to help develop his ideas. The residency will lead to a series of discursive events that will examine key ideas of trust and accountability. It will culminate in a live performance event hosted by board members inspired by the Artist Placement Group’s The Sculpture, which presented dialogue as an artwork by encouraging discussions to take place around a simple table and chairs installation.

Through this residency, Jack Tan will invite the Board of Trustees at FACT to consider the qualities of ‘boardness’ as a performance and a sculpture and how we might shift our understanding of governance as a creative and inclusive platform.

The residency forms part of FACT’s contribution to Artsformation, which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Artsformation is a research project exploring the intersection between arts, society and technology, with a focus on how the digital transformation of society may impact new ways of working and structures of democracy.



Performing Trust


Join us for an online event as we discuss how trust is built and exchanged within digital spaces. Speakers include artist-in-residence and trustee Jack Tan, Chair of FACT’s Board of Trustees, Rachel Higham and expert in cultural institutions, Jane Wentworth. This online event is part of our Framework for Trust series, an international Transformer Summit with partners WAAG and transmediale, and Artsformation.



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