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Womxn is Work (2018)

Marking one hundred years since the suffragettes secured the first Women’s votes, Womxn is Work delves into women's working rights and addresses our aspirations for the future through the revisiting of the past. Over the course of 8 weeks Liv Wynter and Grrrl Power Liverpool have collaborated with a group of women and non-binary people to co-design a direct action that questions the unrecognised labour undertaken every day. The group is made up of students, mothers, carers and teachers all united in their fight against unrecognised labour.


Throughout the workshops the group considered what is important for the future of work. In doing so, they built a creative campaign from the ground up that has the power to make radical change in Liverpool and beyond.

Read the campaign here.

The project is led by artist and activist Liv Wynter and collective Grrrl Power Liverpool, in collaboration with an intergenerational group of young people and adults who identify as female or non-binary, focussed on a series of public-facing events blurring the lines between art, activism and skills development.