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Zinzi Minott, still from Fi Dem V - A Redemptive Song (2022). Courtesy the artist

Activity Sheet: Let The Song Hold Us



Part of the Radical Ancestry season

Downloads: LTSHU Activity Sheet Web (.pdf, 0.17mb)

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Welcome to FACT!

Songs are everywhere. You can hear them spilling out of the shops on Bold Street, or from the loud headphones of a stranger sitting next to you on the bus. You can even hear them inside your head, playing over and over as they get stuck inside your brain.

You can find songs everywhere, as long as you are open to the world of sounds around you.

Once you enter our galleries with your group, you will find films, sculptures and most importantly, songs! Use this ACTIVITY SONGBOOK to find questions, thoughts and ideas that will help you to interact with them differently.

You can visit the exhibition for free until Sunday 19 June.