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Probationary: The Game of Life on Licence (2017)

Taking the form of a board game, Probationary takes its players on a journey through the eyes of four playable characters as they navigate the complexities of the probation process. Board games, from Monopoly to the Game of Life, contain within them the structures and values of the society in which they are produced, presenting back to us the world in which we live. Taking this as a starting point, Probationary reflects real experiences of being subject to the criminal justice system and presents us with an opportunity to collectively play, understand and discuss such systems within our contemporary society.

Watch artist Hwa Young Jung discuss the artistic process behind Probationary. For the latest Probationary news and events, check out the game's website.

Created by artist Hwa Young Jung with Dave, John, Mark, Mick, Nick, Patrick. Commissioned and produced by FACT, supported by Liverpool John Moores University.