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Online Family Activity: Animal Explorer



Part of the The Living Planet season

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Hello animal explorer!

We understand that not everyone is able to visit us at the moment and we really miss families enjoying our exhibitions, events and kids activities, so we thought we would put together a fun and family friendly online activity to bring what we do, straight to you!

Inside the galleries is our current exhibition, And Say the Animal Responded? It is an immersive show that gives you a wonderful opportunity to listen to the voices of different animals - from ants DJing on turntables to extinct rhinos being brought back to life.

You can visit the exhibition for free until Sunday 14 February or you can scroll down and start exploring the galleries from your computer or device at home!

In this online activity, you will find a downloadable Gallery Trail created to be used as you explore the animals and artworks in the gallery. Learn more about the animals you can find in the exhibition, and have fun and meaningful conversations with your family about the animals we share this planet with.

If you feel like fully unleashing the animals in your house, why not try our virtual tour of the exhibition where you can walk around the exhibition in 3D! All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Ready to walk with the animals? Let's go!

Step 1

Download our gallery trail activity sheet. You can use this digitally, print it out at home or write your answers down on a spare piece of paper - whatever you have readily available!

Step 2

Are you ready to explore? Watch the short video and enter the virtual gallery below. If you're on a computer or laptop, use your mouse or arrow buttons to move around the space. If you're using a phone, double-tap to move forwards and pinch to zoom in and out.

Step 3

Look around the galleries, what can you see? What can you hear in the video? What animals can you find? Use the gallery trail to explore the deepest depths of the ocean and learn how to communicate with chimps.