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Augmented Empathy

Our online programme,The Living Planet, launches with artist collective Keiken, who will be taking over our Instagram every week on Tuesdays and Fridays with a new collaborative experience, Augmented Empathy!

Can Instagram filters become tools for empathy? Augmented Empathy is a brand new interactive Instagram project by Keiken that invites you to rethink how we identify and connect with ourselves, each other, animals and the Earth.

Every week, Keiken will share a secret augmented reality filter on Instagram.

Follow us on Instagram to join the project, watch stories, tune into IGTV and test out the filters for yourself.

Visit the Augmented Empathy website to respond to the questions that Keiken and the filters are asking and browse project resources.

Keiken - the Japanese word for ‘experience’.

Keiken are a cross-dimensional collaborative practice (Hana Omori, Isabel Ramos and Tanya Cruz), whose practice merges the physical with the digital by building online worlds and augmented realities for you to experience, often through face filters hosted on Instagram.

The collective are based across London and Berlin, working with virtual reality, augmented reality, performance and gaming engines to explore new fictional presents and futures.

Augmented Empathy (2020) by Keiken is commissioned by FACT. Supported by Arts Council England, Liverpool City Council and Culture Liverpool.

Augmented Empathy (2020)

Augmented Empathy is a multi-platform installation created by artist collective Keiken. Developed as a collaborative commission with FACT’s Learning team, the artists designed a project which mirrors the way we, and specifically young people, learn through the navigation of social media.

Augmented Empathy 2020 Keiken Sakeema Crook Ryan Vautier Photo by Drew Forsyth Installation view at FACT 11


Augmented Empathy


Immerse yourself in this new free exhibition that uses Instagram to explore how social media can be used as a space for exchange and artistic creation. Created by artist collective Keiken with Sakeema Crook and Ryan Vautier.

How to Make an Instagram Filter with Keiken

Learn how to get a virtual glow up! This online tutorial will help you get started with Spark AR, the digital software that influencers and artists use to create augmented reality experiences such as Instagram filters.


Online Prototype Create An Instagram Filter Keiken



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