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The Imaginists Society

The Imaginists Society is a collaborative digital art programme taking place across the Liverpool City Region. It will explore how to involve young people and communities in the creation of artworks and aims to create a space for young people to share their thoughts and experiences on power, identity and systems of control.

For this project, FACT is working with artist Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley to create an interactive game. Participants will be invited to map out their existence within Liverpool, using the power of imagination to reclaim, retell and record their stories.

Together, the artist and young people will lead the creation and production of the artwork and an online legacy that will be presented as part of our artistic programme in 2022. Different groups of young people and members of the community will also have the opportunity to participate in the project through conversations, hands-on sessions and drop-in activities.

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley is an artist that specialises in archiving people and their experiences. Through world building and interactive art, they craft a specifically designed archive that represents the collaborators they work alongside.

These archives take inspiration from gaming, becoming their own story that people can play through.

This project is produced by FACT as part of The Imaginists Society, with funding from The Ragdoll Foundation, Eleanor Rathbone Charitable Trust, PH Holt Foundation and DWF Foundation.


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