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FACT My Garden My Sanctuary July 2022 Rob Battersby 5

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BTS! Red Velvet! How is K-pop reaching all corners of the world? Discover the power of the popular Korean music genre, K-pop, in a special K-Podcast. Join our special guest panellists to explore what K-Pop means to them.

Alongside an energy filled K-pop dance tutorial, K-Podcast is the result of a collaboration between Yaloo, University of Liverpool’s K-pop Society and a group of young people from Liverpool. Expanding on the themes of Yaloo’s installation in the current exhibition My Garden, My Sanctuary, the young people share their views and critique of popular culture and social media, and how they craft and embody digital identities.

Discussing all things K-pop, this special episode features South Korean visual artist Yaloo, FACT’s 2022 Curator-in-Residence, Carrie Chan; Senior Lecturer of Music at the University of Liverpool, Dr. Haekyung Um; Learning Manager at FACT, Lucía Arias and University of Liverpool K-pop Society members Anna Franco and David Hitchmough. Also joining the discussion are members of Unity Youth Club K-pop Group: Mia Deakin (SpongeBob), Magda Felipa DeFreitas Mendoca (Dori), Iesha Deakin (Anemone), Sofia Rose Deakin (Seaweed) and Donnaya Panton (DD) as talk about what they like about K-pop and social media.

Love all things K-pop? Get moving and try out our K-pop dance tutorial — here! Don’t forget to join us for a special K-pop Celebration event on Saturday 24 September.

This podcast has been produced by Andrés Agulla Mosteyrin as part of exhibition My Garden, My Sanctuary. Supported by The Hemby Foundation and Medicash.