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Uma Breakdown Animal Agency

Uma Breakdown

Resident artist

Country: United Kingdom


I’m Uma, a disabled artist, writer, and award winning game designer interested in animals, horror, and queer feminist literature. Everything I make is about some combination of love, grief, hallucination, and an excess of joy. With Belladonna Paloma I make video games about the divine and occult providence of transfemme existence.

Recent projects include The Speculative Dismemberment of Agent Leon Kennedy (Market Gallery, Glasgow, 2022), Hinterlands (Baltic, Gateshead, 2022), The Joy of Destruction (Backlit, Nottingham, 2023), Elan Vitale (Container Magazine, Bristol, 2023). Uma is currently working on The Well of Sickness Shimmering, a video game about holy wells made with Bella Paloma, and due to launch at the 2023 Overkill festival in the Netherlands.



Animal Agency (2020)

Uma Breakdown is an artist, writer and researcher who uses horror studies, feminist literature and queer role-playing games to create art. Play the downloadable game, Animal Agency, online and find out more about the concept ‘ahuman’ which inspired the creation of the artwork

Latest articles

In Conversation: Uma Breakdown and Lesley Taker

Uma Breakdown has made a visual novel in the form of a downloadable game for FACT Together, released earlier this week, called Animal Agency. Lesley, our Exhibitions Manager, had a chat with them about horror, critters, love, and how this commission altered Uma’s approach to world-building in the game space.


Screenshot from Animal Agency 2020 by Uma Breakdown Image courtesy of the artist