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Performance photo of TFW The Formless Wastes from Janusware 1st Cycle at Res Gallery London in 2017

Uma Breakdown

Resident artist

Country: United Kingdom


Uma Breakdown is an artist/writer/researcher working around horror studies, feminist literature, and queer RPGs. They received an MA from the RCA Sculpture School in 2008 and in 2020 completed a PhD that was mostly about Kathy Acker, Georges Bataille, Hélène Cixous, dogs, and Resident Evil.

Upcoming things include the group show/LARP "All Flesh is Grass" at Kim?, in Riga, "Dungeons & Disaster" an online toolkit for The New Bridge Project, Newcastle on how to use games design and divination in art practice, "As Plain as its Meaningless Name" which is a story about longing for a skinhead crocodile-boy on the train to therapy for Ma Bibliothèque, and "Twyre is pain of the Steppe: death, dying, and the player as writer in Pathologic" which is an article for Revenant on the écriture feminine of playing a deeply un-fun video game.

Their current research interests include the work of Antonin Artaud, Jean Genet, and Laurie Holden.




Animal Agency (2020)

Uma Breakdown is an artist, writer and researcher who uses horror studies, feminist literature and queer role-playing games to create art. Play the downloadable game, Animal Agency, online and find out more about the concept ‘ahuman’ which inspired the creation of the artwork

Latest articles

In Conversation: Uma Breakdown and Lesley Taker

Uma Breakdown has made a visual novel in the form of a downloadable game for FACT Together, released earlier this week, called Animal Agency. Lesley, our Exhibitions Manager, had a chat with them about horror, critters, love, and how this commission altered Uma’s approach to world-building in the game space.


Screenshot from Animal Agency 2020 by Uma Breakdown Image courtesy of the artist