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FACT Together Exhibition 2

FACT Together

Wall Gallery, First Floor

FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool L1 4DQ
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Part of the The Living Planet season

During 2020, FACT Together created a platform for 10 artists based in the North of England to present work online in response to the financial uncertainty caused by Covid-19 and the temporary closure of galleries and museums across the world.

Each of the artists selected created a new work within the theme of The Living Planet, the focus of FACT’s programme for 2020. This programme explores the ways in which wildlife, plantlife and other ecological systems have responded to the impacts of our actions and how we need to approach the natural world, and those who live in it, from a different perspective.

FACT Together artists received a grant, plus 3 months of professional development and support from the team at FACT to create artworks from home. Many of these artists had not previously created digital work, and the resulting projects include a podcast, games, short films, social media takeovers, interactive artworks, poetic interventions into digital diaries, workshops and more.

In this exhibition, we present a series of images, taken from each of the artworks, as well as a hidden Augmented Reality (AR) layer that can be activated during your visit.

Click on the 'artworks' tab to experience the works in full, from home.

All artworks were commissioned by FACT Liverpool in 2020.

Animal Agency (2020)

Uma Breakdown is an artist, writer and researcher who uses horror studies, feminist literature and queer role-playing games to create art. Play the downloadable game, Animal Agency, online and find out more about the concept ‘ahuman’ which inspired the creation of the artwork

Podcast: Accessibility as a Radical Creative Practice

On this episode of the podcast, Tammy Reynolds (artist and performer), Natalia Bedkowska (artist) and Dot Alma (queer audio describer and access worker) discuss accessibility not just as a basic right, but as a radical creative practice.


Tammy png

In Conversation: Uma Breakdown and Lesley Taker

Uma Breakdown has made a visual novel in the form of a downloadable game for FACT Together, released earlier this week, called Animal Agency. Lesley, our Exhibitions Manager, had a chat with them about horror, critters, love, and how this commission altered Uma’s approach to world-building in the game space.


Screenshot from Animal Agency 2020 by Uma Breakdown Image courtesy of the artist

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