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Niloo Sharifi


Resident artist

Country: United Kingdom

nil00 is a multidisciplinary artist from Liverpool. They are currently working mainly as a filmmaker, animator and poet.

In their video work, as well as their roles as former Features editor of Bido Lito! and curator of the Liverpool chapter of the Goethe Institut’s Arrival City at FACT Liverpool, their aim is to facilitate polyphony, in order to attend to reality as closely as possible.

She is interested in exploring how this ethos might form the basis for new forms of art which are collaborative and emergent in nature. nil00 believes that "technology can help tear down the barrier between artist and viewer, inviting the uninitiated to participate in meaning-making. Despite the challenges of living in a global society connected through technology, there’s something potentially really exciting about it – we’re able to make tangible what has always been true, which is that we are all connected if we try to be and that everybody’s voice is important."




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