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Milda Baginskaite Global Challenges 2020 Image courtesy of the artist

Global Challenges (2020)

Milda Baginskaitė is a Lithuanian director and screenwriter based in Manchester. For FACT Together, Milda created a 13-part short online comedy series set in people’s bathrooms and toilets.

Milda’s goal is to tackle each of the 15 Global Challenges in each part of the series through a comical prism of everyday life. “Suffering unites us as human beings but so does having to go to the toilet every day.”

People use phones, sing, scroll, FaceTime, multitask, and read as they attend to their human daily functions. Using the 15 Global Challenges as themes for each mini-story, Milda connects these universal issues to a simple human situation that occurs whilst in the bathroom. The project shines a light on our time in the bathroom as a meditational, everyday ritual which most of us take for granted.

Discover each episode on FACT's IGTV channel (@FACT_Liverpool) or click below to begin the series!

Milda Baginskaitė, Global Challenges (2020). Commissioned by FACT. Supported by Arts Council England, Liverpool City Council and Culture Liverpool. Image courtesy the artist.