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Re:Formed is a new commission by queer, disabled artists Tammy Reynolds and Natalia Bedkowska and queer audio describer, Dot Alma for FACT Together. Their work looks at accessibility not just as a basic right, but as a radical creative practice. Re:Formed exists on the FACT website as an accessible online photography gallery and series of conversations between the artists, made into a podcast. The work explores how access can be produced within the same space, and with the same intent, of the artwork to which it refers. Working together as queer practitioners, the trio forms a relationship of exchange, reclaiming the gaze so often used against them - through a process of mutual trust, and collective learning.

This project exists as a partner to their commission for DaDaFest 2020: Re:Form, which can be found here.

You can listen to the podcast below, or if you'd prefer listen via Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Click below to read and download the full transcript of the podcast

Image One: Audio Description

Image Two: Audio Description

Image Three: Audio Description

Image Four: Audio Description

Image Five: Audio Description

Re:Formed, 2020 was commissioned by FACT, Liverpool as part of FACT Together and exists as a partner-project to Re:Form (, commissioned by DaDaFest for DaDaFest International 2020 - Translations!