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Tammy Reynolds1

Tammy Reynolds

Resident artist

Country: United Kingdom

Tammy refuses to write in third person. I USED TO go on a stage and sing/dance/speak/scream/shout/eat my trauma. I sometimes make money from it. I’m sometimes Midgitte Bardot. I sometimes wear clothes. I’m always disabled. Always a dwarf. I sometimes enjoy it. I do Live Art. I USED TO sometimes leave the stage and cry and hyperventilate and rage about how it went. I don’t take positive feedback well so to write a bio that makes me look like an accomplished artist doesn’t quite fit. I’m not qualified for anything. My first aid training is outdated now and I think my DBS is too. I’m good at making things I want to make. I’m articulate and creative. I’m nowhere near as productive as I should be and I hope I never am. Now I’m just a glorified youtube star and that’s FINE.

Being supported by artsadmin and Live Art Development Agency which is pretty sexy

I’ve worked with Scottee, EAT ME + Preach!, Queeriosity Cabaret. I’m working with Heart of Glass, Contact Theatre, HOMEmcr, LittleCog, FACT and whoever else is silly enough to pay attention to me. Desperately trying to feel relevant without a stage to cry behind.




Latest articles

Podcast: Accessibility as a Radical Creative Practice

On this episode of the podcast, Tammy Reynolds (artist and performer), Natalia Bedkowska (artist) and Dot Alma (queer audio describer and access worker) discuss accessibility not just as a basic right, but as a radical creative practice.


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