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Tammy Reynolds1

Tammy Reynolds

Country: United Kingdom

Tammy refuses to write in third person. I USED TO go on a stage and sing/dance/speak/scream/shout/eat my trauma. I sometimes make money from it. I’m sometimes Midgitte Bardot. I sometimes wear clothes. I’m always disabled. Always a dwarf. I sometimes enjoy it. I do Live Art. I USED TO sometimes leave the stage and cry and hyperventilate and rage about how it went. I don’t take positive feedback well so to write a bio that makes me look like an accomplished artist doesn’t quite fit. I’m not qualified for anything. My first aid training is outdated now and I think my DBS is too. I’m good at making things I want to make. I’m articulate and creative. I’m nowhere near as productive as I should be and I hope I never am. Now I’m just a glorified youtube star and that’s FINE.

Being supported by artsadmin and Live Art Development Agency which is pretty sexy

I’ve worked with Scottee, EAT ME + Preach!, Queeriosity Cabaret. I’m working with Heart of Glass, Contact Theatre, HOMEmcr, LittleCog, FACT and whoever else is silly enough to pay attention to me. Desperately trying to feel relevant without a stage to cry behind.


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