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Natalia Bedkowska

I am a feminist with disabilities, an immigrant artist, the best and the worst, exploring my own acceptance through expression.

Using photography, video and poetry I aim to celebrate others, challenge social norms of who we are supposed to be and how we are supposed to look as artists with disabilities.

The activism of it all is what thrives me to talk about my experiences, good or bad, turning them upside down in my art. Coming from an extremely right wing country like Poland taught me how important it is to fight and creating is fighting. Challenging my own experiences using visual art is the purest form of expression. If it sparks the discussion, you can call me radical.


Latest articles

Podcast: Accessibility as a Radical Creative Practice

On this episode of the podcast, Tammy Reynolds (artist and performer), Natalia Bedkowska (artist) and Dot Alma (queer audio describer and access worker) discuss accessibility not just as a basic right, but as a radical creative practice.


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