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Speculative proposal for a new normal

Visions of a Future (2020)

Jessica El Mal is a multidisciplinary artist who uses social interaction, workshops and imaginations of future worlds to create art.

Visions of a Future - a collective archive project by ElMalArt reimagines towns and cities with participants across the North. Using online research, maps and city plans, Jessica invites us to reimagine our own cities to create a collection of proposals, mapping out a ‘new normal’ for the spaces that will be changed post-lockdown: “using imagination not only as hope, but also as prophecy”.

Jessica will work with FACT’s Learning Team to host online workshops, inviting residents to map out their own neighbourhoods, towns and cities.

The collective archive is now live! Discover it here, and upload your vision of the future using the downloadable pdf below.

You can also find further learning resources here.

Speculative proposal for a new normal