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Elle Bulger

Elle Bulger

Resident artist

Country: United Kingdom


Elle Bulger is a visual artist exploring the use of techniques traditionally found in video games to create works that have the potential to be experienced as art. They want to bring the interaction and immersion of player involvement into my work. With a heavy emphasis placed on world building and designing experiences rather than art, their practice seeks to enable people to view things from perspectives otherwise hidden to them by placing them in control of their own experiences. They think the necessity of interaction created by a game breaks the tension between art and audience, and creates a space open to dialogues that are informed by a direct line of empathy.

Elle is from and based in Salford. In seeing the art world from the perspective of other people from their city, they have always aimed to create work that encourages engagement from anyone who chooses to experience it, irrespective of their background. Having worked in VR and AR development, they use skills formally taught to them during their time in the tech industry as well as methods they have explored themselves to shape and develop their practice. The use of new technologies is one of the cornerstones of their practice, and they hope that as technology continues to move forward that their work will continue to evolve alongside it.




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