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Day mattar the river sings

the river sings (2020)

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day mattar is a scouse queer poet, living and working in liverpool. their work details and records relationships with queerness and the body. prior to covid-19, the body was integral to their sense of identity and was the tool with which they navigated the world, took agency over assault, negotiated self-worth, made love and art.

‘the river sings’ is a lyrical journey exploring the fluid parallels between nature and identity. triggered by the isolation of quarantine, we query how the suspension of our physical ability to connect has changed our ability to perform identity and intimacy. following the timeline of the moon and tides, ‘the river sings’ attempts to interact lyrically with the outside world through a lunar calendar cycle of daily poems and readings.

The calendar begins with the new moon on Sunday 15 November. Check in daily - wherever you are in the world, whatever the time - and connect to yourself and nature through poetry, readings and short films, night by night.

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