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Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

Country: UK


Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg (UK) is an artist whose work focuses on our fraught relationships with nature and technology. Daisy’s diverse portfolio of artworks, writing, and curatorial projects explores subjects which include artificial intelligence, exobiology, synthetic biology, conservation, biodiversity and evolution, as she investigates the human impulse to ‘better’ the world.



Latest articles

Virtual Tour: And Say the Animal Responded?

Explore a virtual tour of our timely exhibition, Any Say the Animal Responded? As we emerge from the isolation of Covid-19 and refocus our attention on a rapidly changing climate, this exhibition creates a space for the voice of the animal that we have gained a greater awareness of during this time.


Ariel Guzik The Nereida Capsule 2007 and Kuai Shen Ohm1gas 2012 Image by Rob Battersby Installation view at FACT