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Ariel Guzik

Country: Mexico

Ariel Guzik (Mexico City) is a multidisciplinary artist, musician, researcher, iridologist, herbalist and inventor.

Guzik designs and engineers mechanisms and instruments which engage with and tap into the languages of nature, with special focus on cetaceans. He is the director of the Nature Expression and Resonance Research Laboratory in Mexico, an organization which explores natural resonance, mechanics, electricity and magnetism and relates these phenomena to music and other aesthetic manifestations and as a means of approaching nature.

His research work is the reflection of an intimate need to generate an atmosphere favourable to the enchantment of the world. He intends to preserve mysteries, rather than decipher them, privileging the perception of natural phenomena through the senses, fascination and fantasy. Installations and individual exhibitions of his work have been presented in national and international institutions, including Mexico Biennial at Ex-Chiesa di San Lorenzo in Venice, Italy in 2013 and Trinity Apse, Edinburgh Art Festival in 2015.

The sound recordings have been produced by Alejandro Colinas, Emilio Gálvez y Fuentes and Ariel Guzik.

With special thanks to Catalina Juarez, Leobardo Ramirez, Gabriela Galván and Adriaan Schalkwijk, also members of the Nature Expression and Resonance Research Laboratory.