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Ars Electronica

FACT: Ars Electronica Garden Liverpool

Ars Electronica Garden x FACT presents four days of performances, conversations and tours about The Living Planet.

Part of the The Living Planet season

Taking place both at FACT and on online, the mini festival presents a special augmented reality performance by artist collective Keiken, a narrative game experience and artist talk with Kasia Molga and Ivan Henriques, and an animal-vision exhibition tour that invites you to see FACT’s galleries from the perspective of non-human species.

The multiple crises that have dominated 2020 have laid bare grave social inequalities and the fragility of our relationship with the natural world. The desire to come together in collective response to the climate crisis and racial injustice has been frustrated by the equally pressing need to isolate and contain a disease that is disproportionate in its effects on the most vulnerable in society. How, in this time of separation and increasing alienation from one another, can we use readily available technologies to augment our perception of ourselves and our realities, and to connect with others (both human and non-human) in ways that are sensorial and empathic? Can we unlearn the physical limitations of our identities to exist in other speculative forms that transform and transpose us to the collective bodies we wish to be with?

Ars Electronica
FINALS WEB 1080px 72dpi FACT And Say The Animal Responded Rob Battersby 5


And Say the Animal Responded?


Discover the exhibition online! Walk with the animals in a virtual tour and watch interviews with the artists as we explore the relationship between human and animal.

Natural Glitch Title Card


Artist Talk: Natural Glitch


Join us for an online conversation with Kasia Molga and Ivan Henriques as they discuss their work, Natural Glitches.

Keiken Collective Feel My Metaverse Mind Body and Screen


Live Performance: Augmented Empathy


Step into an augmented world that brings Instagram filters to life. Join us for a special event by artist collective Keiken and dance artist Sakeema Crook that uses augmented reality and your phone to present two live augmented performances.

Augmented Empathy 2020 Keiken Sakeema Crook Ryan Vautier Photo by Drew Forsyth Installation view at FACT 11


Augmented Empathy


Immerse yourself in this new free exhibition that uses Instagram to explore how social media can be used as a space for exchange and artistic creation. Created by artist collective Keiken with Sakeema Crook and Ryan Vautier.

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