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Four Movements for International Dance Day



Part of the The Living Planet season

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For International Dance Day 2020 we asked Liverpool dance artist Nicolette Whitley to create a series of movements that responded to The Living Planet, our online programme that explores our relationship with the natural world.

Performed in her garden during the first UK Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, Nicolette takes us through four movements: swaying, water flow, wind and connection.

Dance connects us to the world and our environment, so take a relaxing breath and try stretching along with the movements yourself!

Movement 1: Swaying

Inspired by the movement of the trees, plants and flowers, take time to pause and observe. Appreciate the beauty of the natural world around you whilst gently swaying your body from side to side.

Movement 2: Water Flow

Visualise the flow of water, as it ebbs and swells. Listen to the sounds of flowing water letting its energy stretch your arms gently up and down. Find appreciation for this vital source and feel its strength flowing through your palms. Swipe across to watch both movements.

Movement 3: Wind

Embrace the simplicity of the wind in your hair and ripple this movement from your neck and your shoulders, allowing it to stretch through your upper body.

Movement 4: Connection

The feet are our body’s connection to the earth. We connect with the earth by pressing down through our soles. Stretch your feet on to the tips of your toes, and alternate your balance, reaffirming your connection to the ground.

This resource is part of The Living Planet, our free online programme that explores our relationship with the natural world.