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Soft Boys Kiara Mohamed Photo by jay Chow

Soft Boys

Foyer Gallery, Ground Floor

FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool L1 4DQ
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Part of the The Living Planet season

When you’re so used to trauma, actively seeking joy - and basking in it - feels so foreign. But joy is the framework through which we can re-learn the world.

Kiara Mohamed

Kiara Mohamed’s work examines the ways we exist alongside one another and our environment, as well as what happens when we readdress our trauma through moments of radical joy. In his work, joy becomes a political act: a way of bringing meaning, beauty and value to places that have been damaged by human or natural acts. Kiara’s films champion care and mindfulness and explore how art can allow for transformation, adaptation and healing.

Soft Boys is a short film about queer and trans joy, specifically through and within the Somali culture and community. By re-engaging with Somalian traditional dances, cooking practices and garments, Kiara connects with his nomadic ancestors and to a heritage from which he had always been made to feel excluded. In this solo exhibition, Kiara’s new work highlights how modern concepts of masculinity can be surprisingly conservative, even within the trans community. The experimental documentary questions what it means to be a man by focusing on emotion, empathy and joy.

Please be aware, the films in this installation contain drug references, swearing, discussions of suicide and discussions of gender identity. For more information during your visit, please speak with a member of staff.

About the Curator

Fauziya Johnson is a Somali and Dominican freelance curator, artist, and writer based in Liverpool. Her work is focused on raising awareness around mental health, queer rights, anti-racism, debt abolishment, representation of People of Colour, and examining institutional inequalities. She also co-founded and edits ROOT-ed Zine. Instagram: @fauziyajohnson, Twitter: @fauziyajohnson

Video Playlist: Soft Boys

Discover a selection of videos thoughtfully chosen by artist Kiara Mohamed and curator Fauziya Johnson, as part of exhibition Soft Boys.


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Reading List: Soft Boys

Read a selection of articles and news items thoughtfully chosen by artist Kiara Mohamed and curator Fauziya Johnson, as part of exhibition Soft Boys.


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